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Jobs available


There is a position to assist me as follows:

  • Manage the conversion of web sites to be flash sites
  • In particular to manage the conversation of existing video to flash format.
  • All sites must be checked to ensure they work perfectly in IE, Firefox on both Mac and Windows, Safari both Mac and Windows, Opera both Windows and Linux and Chrome

Please DO NOT contact me if you have not done any work in flash

If you apply - Be sure to provide the following.
We work remotely and I do not mind what part of the world you work in. When you apply please be sure to provide: Let me explain why this is important to me.

I speak with many people and I have a lot of experience of programmers coming to me to discuss work when they cannot meet the requirements of the job. If you cannot work in flash, please do not contact me. I have other jobs coming along all of the time. Please be very specific that you can meet the requirements of the job.

  • An example(s) of a flash site you have built (please do not send examples in Facebook) I want real examples in sites you have built or managed
  • Your level of expertise
  • How long have you been doing this?
  • The hours you have available
  • Your pay expectation

A little about me / us.

I manage many sites. We do Internet business in UK, Eire, USA and Canada.
We are major distributors of Insurance on a fully automated basis. Our customers visit our site(s) and may obtain a quote in a few minutes. This is automatically displayed on the screen. If they then choose to buy they may proceed to pay be credit card, and once payment is confirmed their insurance is immediately issued.

We have a dedicated server in London in a LAMP environment with cpanel
We have some SSL areas.

To start with I will pay daily, when a days work is done I make a days pay using PayPal
The we will move to weekly
Once a weeks work is done I pay


Contact me on gordon@gordonpiggott.co.uk

All my contact details are here